NapsGear.Org Rewards Credit Program

Refer a new customer to NapsGear.Org and earn 10% in cash back rewards!

Share the rewards code with your friends and they will save 10% off their first order. As a bonus, you will receive 10% in Rewards Credit off their order total.

When your referred customer places their first order, you both are eligible for 10% in cash back rewards*. Don’t miss out on another moment and get started today!

*Cash back rewards are available in the form of in-store credit, as a fixed amount, redeemed only at Once the order is marked paid, 10% of the net value of your order goes into your Loyalty Credit account, available for your next order. Net value represents order cost after all discounts and credits are applied, excluding the shipping & handling fee(s).

Disclaimer: Rewards Credits have no expiration, can be accumulated and used only, when selected by credit owner.

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