Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri has been used for centuries to help benefit memory capacity, increase concentration and reduce stress-induced anxiety. It is used as a nootropic, a drug that enhances cognitive ability.

Brahmi is a nervine tonic that enhances learning, academic performance and improves mental ability. It acts as an antianxiety agent and is used in treating several mental disorders. Brahmi also calms restlessness in children.

Indications: memory disturbances and behavioral disorders.

Brahmi herb has very important role in ayurvedic medicine as the main rejuvenating herb for the nerve and brain cells. Brahmi is very effective herbal remedy helpful in increasing mental concentration level. According to the Ayurveda Brahmi has antioxidant properties, so helpful to reduce oxidation of fats in the blood stream, which is the risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Brahmi herb has been shown good effects on patients suffering from insomnia. It is very useful Ayurvedic product to normalize blood pressure level. Traditionally Brahmi herb is used as blood purifier and to treat fevers, inflammations, joint pain and a variety of skin problems such as ulcers. Brahmi herb acts as a natural remedy which is reputed to stimulate hair, skin and nail growth. It is a very effective herbal medicine shows very good results in treating menstrual disorders and painful menses. Brahmi acts as a natural supplement which helps in soothing the brain and to restore the brain chemicals those have been highly disturbed because of various factors such as depression, distress, worries and mental exhaustion.

No major side effects have been reported in medical journals.

Take one capsule, twice a day, before meals.


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