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Hello Naps Fam so is thought I`d like to say a few things with delivery and what has been happening lately. With this Coronavirus issue occurring, USPS  has put a freeze on packages being sent from China beginning around February, not only that but Customs here in the U.S. is being a lot more careful with packages arriving from overseas and are screening them more carefully. This is why packages from overseas suppliers ( Mainly China and Asian Countries) is taking so long. Napsgear is the only trusted site I use for legit gear and they have never let me down. All I have purchased from them is 100% legit and their customer service is the best. There are just things that are out of their control, like this whole issue which is affecting the shipping industry. Rest easy knowing Naps will always deliver packages ordered and if there is an issue with a delivery (like a seizure) they will make it right. I am grateful Naps exists, at my age which is 44 years of age, and due to my health insurance not approving my TRT therapy I am glad companies like this exist. I am stronger and feel better than I ever had. No more being tired, overweight, or lazy. Damn this site has helped me in so many ways.

I ordered this stack and I recieved 200 Methan 10 pills, 2 packs. But 4 weeks (28d) of taking 4 pills a day is 112 pills.Should I stop taking the Methan 10 after 112 pills, or should I just continue? I`m seeing good gains, and not having any side`s right now.

I received a letter in the mail yesterday on March 6th saying my package was seized on March 3rd. I looked at the tracking two days ago (March 5th) and it updated saying processed through customs and in transit to the destination. Anyone seen this before or have any insight on this?

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