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Next Level Nutritional Services

Welcome to Next Level Nutrition, hosted by “IFBB Undercover”.Next Level is an online diet consulting service with options designed for all levels of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, men and women alike. Whether you are new to training, or have been at it for years, Next Level Nutrition is here to take you to the next level, and beyond! It can take years to figure out how to get the physique of your dreams. I will teach you the tools it takes to get you on the fast track to reaching your goals. All you need is motivation. I’ll take care of the rest. Each program includes an initial meal plan, including individually tailored diet, cardio and supplement plan (including super supplement plans for enhanced athletes), weekly email check in, and questions answered though email along the way, usually within 24 hours.


12 week, non competitor lean bulking plan $400
This plan is ideal for someone that wants to add new lean mass while not getting overly fat in the process.

12 week non competitor cutting diet $400
This plan is for someone who wants to reduce body fat while maintaining muscle. Ideally, we will add new muscle in the process.

16 week competitor diet $700
For competitors only, this service will structure and walk you through a week by week plan to get you on stage. We will cover everything you need to know about the process. This is ideal for someone new to competing and wants to get it right, the first time! (This plan will require more than weekly check and diet changes in as the show closes in)

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