Beginners Bulk Cycle


I will be starting this cycle very soon. I have added Deca to it was well. I was curious as to what other compounds (orals/injectables) I can get for a larger strength increase. I am ofcourse looking to bulk and do not care about water retention all that much; however would like to look dry if possible. Thanks!


It sounds like you are just starting why not just do the stack you are buying. You can bulk , then on your next cycle you can run dryer cutting compounds .

Test masteron and tren is a pretty good one for size and strength

Add winstrol towards the end of the cycle not only will it dry you out but it adds strength as well

It comes with arimidex, test, deca and t-bol. you don`t need any other orals, and arimidex will take care of water retetion. You could think about adding proviron, I find it makes the other injectables work better.

Eq is a nice injectable to add in and can be run long and after you remove deca. I also front load with dbol and backload with Anadrol while doing test and deca.

Eq is good at 600mg but if first cycle only do test and maybe an oral bro take care.

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